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It's been

Since auditor Nicole Galloway has refused to produce her government text messages and emails to taxpayers.

Missouri Alliance for Freedom works to pursue integrity in government, and Nicole Galloway has failed even the most basic inquiry into that accountability: compliance with the Missouri Sunshine Law. When requested, Nicole Galloway not only refused to provide her government-issued phone records for public viewing - she deleted them.

Nicole Galloway habitually touts herself a stickler for transparency and compliance, but she doesn't measure up when it comes to applying those values to her own office. Galloway has admittedly destroyed public records, never giving Missouri taxpayers the opportunity to view the work she does on their dime.

In 2017, Missouri Alliance for Freedom (MAF) sent Sunshine Law requests to Auditor Galloway, asking for public records from her taxpayer-funded phone - requests that Galloway ignored. Because of her refusal to comply with the state's public records law, MAF sued her to force that production. MAF soon learned that Galloway not only refused to reveal the records, she destroyed them.

Now more than a year later, Galloway has never produced a single phone record, text, or instant message in response to MAF's Sunshine Law request. In fact, the only phone records MAF had the opportunity to view were the result of the court discovery it received in the weeks leading up to trial.

Through it all, Missouri taxpayer's aren't just paying for the iPhones and iPads used by Nicole Galloway and her staff, they're paying Galloway's legal tab for refusing to provide public viewing of the records from those devices. Essentially, Galloway is being funded by taxpayers to evade being accountable to them.

Below is a timeline highlighting MAF's court battle with Nicole Galloway. Each informative bullet includes supportive court documents.