Worker freedom. Let's get it done!


Worker freedom. Let's get it done!

Ryan Johnson

D-Day! Veto session is upon us. On Wednesday your state representatives and state senators will gather back in Jefferson City under the dome to override several of the bills Governor Nixon has vetoed. After Wednesday, Gov. Nixon will be the most overridden Governor in Missouri’s history.
All eyes are on one bill. House Bill 116 which will make Missouri the 26th right-to-work state. We worked hard to pass this. Right-to-work as you know by now simply gives employees the freedom to choose whether or not to join the union and pay the dues.

Right-to-work needs 109 House votes and 23 Senate votes to override Governor Nixon’s veto.
This summer has been a battle ground where we and our friends have fought to persuade the small group of Republican legislator NO votes who have refused to budge. Some of them are still clinging to false arguments and union boss talking points.
Conservatives have the historic opportunity to govern without the governor. The Republican controlled legislature can (if they choose) pass a conservative policy plan that would make Missouri stronger and freer. Worker freedom is an important piece of the puzzle that will make our state job friendly. We must get this done!
Union bosses and their political committees have demonstrated a willingness to bully and lie to elected officials to get their way. They will say and do almost anything to extinguish the spread of worker freedom. It is more than unfortunate. It is wrong and our elected officials need to do the right thing!
We feel confident about the Senate, but the handful of republican holdouts in the House of Representatives are holding their colleagues and constituents hostage and imperiling the conservative movement.

There is a reason that Missourians have sent overwhelming self-described conservatives to Jefferson City and if those “conservatives” do not have the courage to follow through then why should we continue to vote for them?
Click here or here to look up your state representative’s and state senator’s phone numbers and call them Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to tell them you want him/her to support worker freedom! If he/she is a YES vote ask them to help persuade the holdouts.
If the House does not pass worker freedom on Wednesday, the republican hold outs will embolden union bosses everywhere and leave conservatives asking themselves what is the point of having these huge majorities if we will not use them?!
I for one am fed up with campaign conservatives who will not do the right thing because they are worried about losing reelection. Career politicians inspire no one. You were elected to do a job. You told the voters you were a conservative when you ran for election, now follow through. Choose the hard right, over the easy wrong and get it done!
For worker freedom,
Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom

P.S. Union bosses are coming to Jefferson City in droves on Wednesday, Sept. 16th. That’s their job. You will have to take off of work to join us, but we need you! Sign up here to join us in the Capitol on Wednesday. There is a pro Right-to-Work rally at 10:15am on Wednesday next to the Speaker’s Office on the 3rd Floor. We will see you in Jefferson City!

Our friends at Americans for Prosperity are providing buses to make your trip to Jefferson City easier. Here are the details:

Springfield pick up location: 
6:45am bus departure!
AFP Field Office
450 W. Battlefield
Springfield, MO 65807

Columbia pick up location:
8:45am bus departure!
AFP Office
1301 Vandiver Drive
Columbia, MO 65202

St. Louis pick up location:
7:15am bus departure!
Drury Inn and Suites
11980 Olive Blvd
Creve Couer, MO 63141

Kansas City pick up location:
6:15am bus departure!
Hilton Kansas City Airport
8801 NW 112th St
Kansas City, MO 64153