Results delivered. A new year!


Results delivered. A new year!

Ryan Johnson

“Ryan Johnson and MAF have become the eyes, ears, and voice of conservative Missourians. Since 2013, Ryan has informed and educated the public, while at the same time, holding legislators accountable for their actions. Ryan’s strong sense of right and wrong led to far more conservative legislative outcomes. Missouri will be forever grateful for all his hard work." 

  • John Lamping, former State Senator, Ladue

2016 was a great year for us (our third). Now at the start of 2017 many of the issues for which we have fought are poised to become law. We have a Governor and a Legislature who have publicly committed to getting right-to-work, tort reform, and education reform done. These things will make the lives of Missourians far better in the long term!

I am personally looking forward to supporting the new Governor and the Legislature as they make Missouri history. They deserve an active, engaged, and aware citizenry to help them fulfill their campaign promises. Let's help them.

Many conservatives are excited. Much like a kid at Christmas. There is a giddiness in our ranks about policies that have eluded us for decades as they are about to be unwrapped and ensconced into law. Enjoy the moment!

Here at Missouri Alliance for Freedom, I have enjoyed working with generous donors and great people and coalition partners across the state to help set the table for this moment.

We have had a great run, making a difference along the way. While I am not sure what the future holds, it is clear to me that the need for strong grassroots advocacy and accountability groups will not change. After all, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Now let's help Governor-elect Greitens and the Missouri Legislature pass right-to-work and government union reform. Let's stand with them to support school choice and clean up Jefferson City!

With gratitude,

Ryan Johnson

P.S. In looking back over the last three years I asked a few friends to comment on their experience with me and MAF. Here is what they had to say... 

1.    “I have found that Ryan Johnson and the Missouri Alliance for Freedom (MAF) understands and represents common sense (often referred to as conservative) values and practices what should be the goal of any effective and efficient organization, including government. Ryan and MAF have worked jointly with the Spending Oversight Council (SOC) to find ineffective performance, unintended consequences, and mismanagement in Missouri government and to offer options for improvement. Ryan and MAF also have an in-depth knowledge of Missouri government, practices and personnel and along with SOC data sharing and analysis can be a great asset to Missouri taxpayer in improving the well-being of our state and our citizens.”

  • Dan Amsden, St. Louis 

2.    "Ryan Johnson and MAF stand out as one of the leading advocates for small government and conservative issues in the state of Missouri. Ryan's influence and leadership should be greatly appreciated by every freedom loving citizen of our state." 

  • Ben and Naomi Baker, Neosho 

3.    “In the sometimes brutal world of politics, it takes like-minded and dedicated partners working together to obtain victory. I’m proud to say that Ryan Johnson and MAF have been among those partners we have been able to count on! Always vigilant, always true to the cause, Ryan and MAF have worked with us to get things done. Whether it’s passing good conservative policies or stopping bad polices, we have a partner we can count on in Ryan and MAF!” 

  • Carl Bearden, St. Charles County 

4.    “It is an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ryan in the quest for freedom in the State of Missouri. Having someone that understands the process and the players is an invaluable asset to the grassroots conservative movement in the Show Me State.” 

  • Rachel (Payton) Blackmore, Columbia 

5.    “Life is a constant impediment to staying involved in and being informed of what’s going on in Jefferson City, but, thankfully, MAF and Ryan Johnson are excellent resources for Missouri conservative activists. They base their policy positions on conservative, limited government principles and not politics or personalities, willing to stand up to any politician, regardless of party designation. Therefore, any activist who uses them to keep abreast of current events in Jefferson City can do so with confidence. Having seen MAF and Ryan Johnson in action these last few years, I can confirm they don’t just talk the talk of activism, they walk the walk, including through the halls of the Capitol, where he has become well known for being a stalwart fighter for liberty.” 

  • Adam Bohn, Ballwin 

6.    "Missouri Alliance for Freedom has been a key element in the fight for conservative reform in the state of Missouri. The grading system of legislators voting on key issues is imperative. Ryan Johnson's knowledge of process, policy and the players in the Missouri General Assembly have time and again proven crucial to advancing good legislation and stopping bad legislation. It's been great to work with Ryan and terrific to see what a difference MAF has truly made in Jefferson City." 
•    Rick and Athena Brattin, Cass County 

7.    “Without folks like Ryan Johnson and Missouri Alliance for Freedom politicians will only hear from special interest groups. We need watch-dogs like them to embolden lawmakers to do what is best for the taxpayers and make certain that conservatives vote the way they campaigned.” 

  • Eric Burlison, Springfield 

8.    “Ryan Johnson and Missouri Alliance for Freedom work diligently to respond to the overreach and encroachment of state government. It's been an honor to work so closely with Ryan and see firsthand his commitment and passion for limited government and holding legislators accountable for their votes.” 

  • Jeremy Cady, Jefferson City 

9.    “MAF is on the ground all year long informing Missourians and their elected officials about policy solutions that are consistent with individual liberty and free markets. While inspiring Missourians to be active in their role as citizens, Ryan Johnson helps empower Missouri taxpayers in demanding good governance and holding their elected officials accountable.” 

  • Keith Carmichael, Lowry City 

10.    “Ryan Johnson has been a much needed ally for conservatives both in and out of office and his leadership has unquestionably been the direct catalyst that has allowed MAF to grow and become a premier organization in Missouri politics. The conservative movement in Missouri undoubtedly owes a token of gratitude to Ryan for his leadership and commitment to conservative principles.” 

  • Paul Curtman, Union 

11.    "Ryan Johnson and Missouri Alliance for Freedom have been a welcome addition to those working at the Capitol on behalf of the people." 

  • Bev Ehlen, Warren County 

12.    “I’ve known Ryan Johnson as a leader for conservative issues and policy for as long as I’ve been involved in Missouri politics. Now more than ever, we need folks like Ryan that can articulate and promote these conservative social and fiscal values in Jefferson City and in our local communities.  Through the good work of Ryan and the Missouri Alliance for Freedom, our state enjoys one more check against the growth and overreach of government.  I’m happy to have Ryan as a friend and ally.” 

  • Bill Eigel, St. Charles County 

13.    “Ryan Johnson is a fierce defender of, and fighter for freedom. Missouri’s citizens would have less freedom if it were not for Missouri Alliance for Freedom and Ryan’s tireless leadership. Ryan’s love of liberty has earned him many enemies among those who compromise principles for political expediency. His shoes maybe impossible to fill.” 

  • John Elliott, Smithville 

14.    “The Missouri Alliance for Freedom provides a great service to Missourians that often goes unnoticed by the public. If the legislature had a five star rating similar to Amazon's, The Missouri Alliance for Freedom is a small team of people providing important information. MAF not only provides a rating system for legislators but also provides support for legislators that vote the right way and criticism for those that don't. We should all rest well knowing good people are keeping our government in check.” 

  • Justin Hill, O’Fallon 

15.    “Ryan Johnson eloquently and consistently provides invaluable conservative viewpoints on a variety of issues for lawmakers, the media and citizenry. His level of professionalism is unmatched at the State Capitol. I am blessed to be able to seek his advice on numerable issues and to say he is a greatly valued friend.” 

  • Don Hinkle, Jefferson City 

16.    “Missouri Freedom Foundation has provided great educational opportunities during my past two years of service in the Capitol. They provided regular policy forums with various policy area experts as guest speakers to educate legislators on issues facing our state. The speakers offer wide-ranging policy depth that is often hard to obtain during the normal course of events in the Capitol. MFF's educational forums offer a chance for open discussion and Q & A with subject matter experts. The information I have gained during these educational events has helped me to understand more clearly issues that I am working on.” 

  • Tila Hubrecht, Sikeston 

17.    “Ryan Johnson and the Missouri Alliance for Freedom have been critical allies in supporting a clear constitutional conservative agenda for the State of Missouri. Ryan and his team at MAF have been the conservative conscience of the Missouri Legislature and stood as an advocate for all of the people of Missouri who do not have a voice in Jefferson City; that silent majority of hard working Missouri taxpayers and families who want government to work for them and not against them and who want to preserve the freedoms and liberties upon which our nation and state were founded. Ryan and MAF are that voice and I have been proud to work alongside him and call him my friend as we work to make Missouri great again!” 

  • Tim Jones, Eureka, Former Speaker of the House; Chairman, MO Club for Growth 

18.    “Many times, individuals who are active in politics gain the reputation for doing so for personal enrichment and advancement. Sometimes you run into some who are obviously in it for the betterment of our State and Nation’s future. Ryan Johnson has proven over and over that he is an example of the latter. Although Ryan and I have not always agreed on the methodology by which we can better our state, I have never doubted his motivation to effect the lives of future generations in a positive and substantive way. Missouri would be well served if more citizens like Ryan were active in civic matters and had the world view by which Ryan operates. Character and conscience are obviously strong in Ryan and conviction guides his path. Missouri is a better place because of the tireless work he has accomplished.” 

  • Eddy Justice, Poplar Bluff 

19.    “Ryan Johnson has an unerring sense for conservative policy solutions and the integrity to stand for those solutions in the face of outside pressure. Combined with his tremendous work ethic and energy, it's no surprise MAF has seen such remarkable success under Ryan's leadership.” 

  • Gregg Keller, Ladue 

20.    “Ryan Johnson has been a committed conservative and a friend for many years, and his diligent work in our state has given an effective voice to the ascendant grassroots conservative base in Missouri. His worked helped set the table for the watershed 2016 elections, and I believe the results in the coming months will speak for themselves.” 

  • Robert Knodell, Holts Summit 

21.    “Ryan Johnson and MAF have become the eyes, ears, and voice of conservative Missourians. Since 2013, Ryan has informed and educated the public, while at the same time, holding legislators accountable for their actions. Ryan’s strong sense of right and wrong led to far more conservative legislative outcomes. Missouri will be forever grateful for all his hard work”. 

  • John Lamping, Ladue 

22.    "As someone who heads a national organization working in all fifty state capitols, I can say with certainty that MAF and Ryan Johnson are a cut above what you find in most states. Our organization couldn't accomplish what it has without their assistance, and I hope all states will take Ryan's work, and his leadership, as a model. This sort of outside advocacy is needed in every legislature, regardless of its partisan makeup. In fact, it is needed even more in states under Republican control, where everyone mistakenly assumes all will be well. The value of an outside advocacy organization like MAF cannot be overstated, and we look forward to working with Ryan and his team in the years to come in the Missouri legislature.” 

  • Mark Meckler, President, Citizens for Self-Governance 

23.    "The conservative movement in Missouri and nationwide has saved us from anti-Christian big government leftists. This did not happen in D.C. It happened because of state-based grassroots workhorses like Ryan Johnson and their relentless pursuit of turning back the anti-American, globalist zealots. Missouri conservatives owe Ryan Johnson a great debt of gratitude for his unyielding determination.” 

  • Mark Muller, Butler, President of Max Motors

24.    “Ryan Johnson has proven himself a tireless champion for fiscally conservative, small government policy. Through MAF Ryan travels the state bringing the message of independence from "Big Government" overreach. Ryan works with legislators to advance a free marketplace and society; where people can benefit from personal choice and less government intervention. I have followed legislators and policy for many years now and I have never seen anyone approach the level of commitment that Ryan Johnson displays. You can count on him for timely, accurate reporting free from bias. Simply put, he's the best friend private citizens and taxpayers have.” 

  • Cindy O'Laughlin, Shelbina

25.    "Ryan Johnson and MAF have been indispensable allies in the fight for conservative reform in the state of Missouri. Ryan's knowledge of process, policy and the players in the Missouri General Assembly have time and again proven crucial to advancing good legislation and stopping bad legislation. I am honored to have been able to work with Ryan and to call him a friend."

  • Bob Onder, Lake Saint Louis 

26.    “Ryan Johnson and the Missouri Alliance for Freedom have made a big difference in legislation in Missouri. Ryan has pushed for conservative values and legislative reform in Missouri.  Ryan is an excellent communicator.  I look forward to listening to his updates on talk radio.  He is tuned in to what is going on in Jefferson City.  Ryan is always willing to be a speaker at our events.  We are looking forward to following Ryan in 2017.” 

  • Danette Proctor, Springfield 

27.    "If Ryan Johnson considers you a friend, so do I. You will be hard pressed to find a more loyal and fierce advocate for the causes that he believes in. He is leaving his mark day by day and in time others will look back at his legacy and try to follow in its footsteps." 

  • Royce Reding, Springfield 

28.    Ronald Reagan said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  That it must be fought for and protected.  Missourians are truly lucky to have a fighter for freedom like Ryan Johnson working on our behalf.  In fighting alongside Ryan, I have come to know him as a principled and disciplined conservative warrior, and I have come to respect his tenacity and effectiveness at advancing causes that we both hold dear.  Missouri would be a different, worse place without Ryan Johnson’s efforts. 

  • Will Scharf, Clayton 

29.    “In just three years, Ryan Johnson’s Missouri Alliance for Freedom has helped citizens turn around the ‘Show Me State.’ Ryan has made a major contribution to the cause of liberty by helping citizens see what the political class wanted hidden, and empowering Missourians to take back their government. Ryan Johnson and the Missouri Alliance for Freedom are a model for how it can be done in other states.” 

  • Michael Quinn Sullivan, President, Empower Texans 

30.    “Ryan Johnson knows how to navigate the shoals of politics in fighting for the benefits of freedom for Missouri. I look forward to working with him and the Missouri Freedom Foundation in the future, as I have in the past, to create more opportunity, better education, and a brighter future for the people of our state.” 

  • Brenda Talent, St. Louis 

31.    "When I think of the term “compassionate conservative,” I think of Ryan Johnson. In an age when the first solution to every conceivable societal problem is ‘more money’ or ‘make it free’, Ryan is there to offer innovative, data driven solutions. But what I admire most is that he works tirelessly, not to enrich himself, not for professional gain, but to give all Missourians the chance to live the American dream. I only wish there were more Ryan Johnsons in Jefferson City!" 

  • Brittany Wagner, St. Louis