POLL: Missourians support paycheck protection


POLL: Missourians support paycheck protection

Ryan Johnson


Jefferson City, Mo. - Missouri Alliance for Freedom today released the findings of the results of a public opinion poll on Worker Freedom and Paycheck Protection.


The Missouri House of Representatives passed Paycheck Protection last week with a veto-proof majority and sent it to the Senate for approval. The survey shows that a majority of 48% of Missouri voters support paycheck protection while only 29% oppose the measure.


"Missourians support employees’ right to choose how they spend their paycheck.” said Ryan Johnson, president of Missouri Alliance for Freedom. "Further, Missourians support the House's passage of Paycheck Protection, agreeing that government unions should receive permission from each employee before using their dues for political purposes.”


The Missouri House of Representatives strongly supported this issue sending Governor Nixon a loud message with their 110 vote veto proof majority. The Senate is moving quickly on this issue with a hearing scheduled for today. It is possible we could see Paycheck Protection on the Governor's desk next week.


The Survey was conducted February 19 through February 20, 2016, with 1,042 likely voters participating in the survey. The Margin of Error is +/- 3% with a 95% level of confidence. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding. The survey was conducted by Remington Research Group on behalf of Missouri Alliance for Freedom


Q: What is your opinion of labor unions?

Favorable: 49%
Unfavorable: 31%
No opinion: 21%

Q: In the past few months, how much have you seen, read or heard about the issue known as Right to Work?

A lot: 36%
Just some: 46%
None at all: 17%

Q: In your opinion should a Missouri worker be required to join a labor Union and pay Union dues in order to work in a certain industry or should they simply be allowed to choose whether or not they join a Union and pay dues?

Required to Join: 33%
Option to Join: 60%
Undecided: 7%

Q: A proposal known as Paycheck Protection will come to a vote in the State Senate soon. Paycheck Protection would require unions to get written permission from workers to use union dues for political purposes. Do you support or oppose the proposal known as Paycheck Protection?

Support: 48%
Oppose: 29%
Not sure: 23%

Q: Would you be more likely to support or more likely to oppose a political candidate who voted AGAINST Paycheck Protection?

More likely to support: 24%
More likely to oppose: 38%
Not sure: 38%