Missouri Alliance for Freedom Thanks Senators for Fighting for SJR39


Missouri Alliance for Freedom Thanks Senators for Fighting for SJR39

Ryan Johnson

Jefferson City, MO – Today Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom issued a statement thanking the Senate Majority for its commitment to Sen. Bob Onder’s religious liberty amendment. The Missouri State Senate is in the middle of a historic filibuster of SJR39.

“For 37 hours the Missouri State Senate has been engaged in a historic Democratic filibuster of Sen. Onder’s Religious Liberty Amendment. In the face of much hyperbole and misinformation the Senate Majority has stood strong showing incredible resolve. Thank you, Senators Ron Richard, Mike Kehoe, Bob Onder and Ed Emery and your caucus for championing religious liberty.”

The Missouri Alliance for Freedom was an early adopter of the religious liberty amendment and has played a collaborative role with a variety of coalition partners in policy development, issue advocacy, and grassroots organization. SJR39, The Religious Liberty Amendment will only protect religious organizations currently vulnerable, including churches, clergy, and religious people from government penalties. Contrary to messaging from the political leftwing SJR39 does NOT allow for discrimination. The proposed resolution is a shield not a sword. Missouri voters will make the final decision if the Legislature sends it to them for a vote.

“Missouri Pastors and Priests should not be forced by government to perform same-sex weddings in violation of their deeply held religious beliefs. Nor should people with deeply held religious convictions be forced by government to participate in same-sex weddings as vendors if it violates their sincere religious beliefs.”

Missouri Alliance for Freedom is an action oriented conservative policy advocacy and legislative accountability group. MAF works primarily with the Missouri General Assembly and conservative grassroots. Its mission is advocacy and accountability. Its focus is limited government and individual liberty.