Big Labor and Big Abortion: A match made in hell


Big Labor and Big Abortion: A match made in hell

Ryan Johnson

Who would have thought that the right-to-work veto override debate would take a turn into the realm of abortion politics? Yet here we are faced with the stark reality of big unions giving almost $500,000 to Planned Parenthood. You only need to look on Twitter to see that the unions are not shy about standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their allies who have been caught red handed trafficking in baby body parts.

Most good people are aghast at the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s grotesque selling of aborted babies. To say that the majority of Americans are offended is an understatement.

Most of Missouri’s union workers (who have to join the union as a condition of their employment) likely have no idea that their compulsory union dues and fees could be funding Planned Parenthood.

Based on prior Supreme Court decisions unions can no longer force their members to fund organizations like Planned Parenthood, but they make it hard for their members to opt out by making them file every year.

Workers’ dues should not have to support organizations that embrace values they deeply oppose.  Why should someone have to pay for a union that stands with Planned Parenthood’s butchers to represent them?

This question needs to become the heart of Missouri’s right-to-work veto override fight. Are you really Pro-Life or not? Will the 24 Republican members of the House of Representatives who universally identify as pro-life but who voted against right-to-work choose to stand for life in light of the collusion between big labor and big abortion?

If Missouri’s General Assembly passes right-to-work they will allow workers who no longer want to prop up their Planned Parenthood supporting unions to withdraw their membership and keep their jobs. Our representatives should give Missouri’s workers the freedom to choose.