Senator Doug Libla’s voters oppose his gas tax hike


Senator Doug Libla’s voters oppose his gas tax hike

Ryan Johnson

Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Alliance for Freedom issued the results of a poll measuring the opinions of voters’ in Senate District 25 on the issue of a gas tax increase. Senate District 25 is the home of State Senator Doug Libla. Senator Libla is the sponsor of SB623 which would raise Missouri’s gas tax by 1.5 cents per gallon and 3.5 cents per gallon on diesel fuel if passed.

“The people spoke two years ago when Missourians overwhelmingly voted NO on a sales tax increase to fund transportation projects. Then a similar measure to raise the gas tax last year failed in the Legislature. Time and again Missourians have said they expect government to do more with less. The survey results are clear that the voters in Sen. Libla’s district think a gas tax hike is a bad idea” said Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom.

Typically any tax increase would be subject to the Hancock Amendment. By purposefully keeping tax increases below a certain threshold politicians conveniently avoid the tax hike from having to be voted on by the people. As such they can incrementally raise taxes to a much higher level and essentially do an end run around the voters.

“There is a transportation trust deficit and MODOT is ripe for reform. Rather than raise taxes the Missouri Legislature needs to take steps to rein in MODOT. First a comprehensive audit should be conducted. Second, how is the money being spent? Any waste, fraud, abuse, and redundancies discovered by the audit needs to be quickly and firmly dealt with. Third, the bureaucrats need to be more accountable to the people of Missouri through their elected representatives with greater oversight by the Legislature. All of these things need to occur prior to any consideration of raising taxes.”

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Survey Results:

Survey conducted December 18 through December 20, 2015. 803 likely voters participated in the survey. Survey weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2016 General Election. Margin of Error is +/- 3.5% with a 95% level of confidence. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding. Survey conducted by Remington Research Group on behalf of Missouri Alliance for Freedom.

Q: Do you support or oppose raising the tax on gas to support transportation projects in Missouri?

Support: 21%
Oppose: 63%
Unsure: 17%

Q: What is your opinion of Doug Libla?

Favorable: 20%
Unfavorable: 21%
No opinion: 60%

Q: Would you be more likely to support or more likely to oppose Doug Libla if you knew he supported raising the gas tax?

More likely to support: 14%
More likely to oppose: 63%
Unsure: 23%

Q: In your opinion, is the tax on gas in Missouri too high, too low or about right?

Too high: 39%
Too low: 9%
About right: 52%

Q: In your opinion, should Missouri establish a highway toll system to help fund transportation projects?

Yes: 24%
No: 58%
Unsure: 18%