Nothing less than total victory


Nothing less than total victory

Ryan Johnson

“The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.” – Winston Churchill

Missourians delivered a powerful message on Election Day. No more status quo. It was an overwhelming repudiation of the Obama-Clinton vision. Those who were aligned with them fell hard. Candidates like democratic gubernatorial hopeful Chris Koster got their comeuppance.

Now Republicans control it all. The White House, the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate and yes Missouri’s House, Senate, and Governor’s Mansion. It’s theirs. We the people gave it to them. They must govern. There is no one left to blame but themselves if they do not.

Elections have consequences and to the victor belongs the spoils.

After years of enduring Obamacare, Common Core, unconscionable public debts and deficits, and all of the other policy failures of a liberal ideology that seeks the decline of the United States – The People finally stood athwart history and yelled STOP!

Governor-elect Eric Greitens, House Speaker Todd Richardson, and Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard and their overwhelming veto-proof republican majorities have a mandate to govern as conservatives and undo the damage wrought by the Obama-Nixon regimes.

As kids in Sunday school most of us learned the Bible story of David and Goliath. You likely remember the brave, youthful shepherd who felled the Philistine giant with a sling and with a stone. That is where the story ends for most of us but there was more. After the stone sank into the giant’s forehead, David took Goliath’s sword, killed him, and removed his head. The Philistine armies fled in fear seeing their enormous champion bested and dead. The ancient Israeli armies pursued and defeated them at great length, achieving total victory.

The now politically dead Koster ascendancy was a Goliath type challenge for Missouri conservatives. The Davidic victory of political neophyte Eric Greitens and his youthful 21 year old campaign manager gives us great opportunity and with it great responsibility. Governor-elect Greitens owes his new employers action.

We expect Missouri to look markedly different in two years than it does now.

Our state should be a right-to-work state quickly, we should allow government union members to re-certify their union representation every two years and require annual financial transparency. Our policy makers need to deal with project labor agreements and antiquated prevailing wage laws that retard growth and opportunity.

Providing choice in education should be paramount. A course accessprogram that helps our rural students achieve their goals is the right thing to do. Expanding charter schools is critical in helping students sentenced to failing schools and districts escape. And Parents must be placed in the driver’s seat of their children’s education with a robust education savings account program. We need to empower Missourians, not the overpaid bureaucrats who make up the static education establishment.

Dealing with tort reform is critical. Missouri needs not be a judicial hellholeany longer. Policy makers should also consider a joint resolution that allow voters the opportunity to scrap the Missouri Plan (the way appellate judges are selected) and make our judiciary more accountable to the people. This could be accomplished in a handful of ways but partisan popular election of judges or gubernatorial appointment with the advice and consent of the Legislature seem to make the most sense.

The new Administration and General Assembly must achieve these significant labor reforms, tort/court reforms, and education reforms quickly, even during the honeymoon phase beginning in January and hopefully lasting through the entire 2017 legislative session.

Liberal-progressives, union bosses, and high paid lobbyists will urge caution, moderation, “don’t overreach” they will say. Policy makers should not listen. They do not have your or our best interests at heart. Their interest is the preservation of their own power and the status quo.

Our interest is to overcome their antagonism and give the maximum amount of freedom to the people of Missouri. That is what they voted for. They voted against corruption and cronyism and for a conservative outsider who promised to upend Jefferson City as we know it. The time is now to complete the triumph over the Clinton-Koster political machines and the institutional left that sustained them. The people must accept nothing less than total victory for Missouri!