Nixon vetoed firearms freedoms


Nixon vetoed firearms freedoms

Ryan Johnson

Update -- Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed Constitutional Carry and the other provisions in Senate Bill 656 . Missouri Alliance for Freedom's Sunday e-blast called him out on this issue. That evening he announced his intention to veto the bill. Coincidence?

Senator Brian Munzlinger’s gun rights bill (Senate Bill 656) passed the Senate and House with overwhelming support and has been waiting on the Governor to act. The bill contains multiple provisions that increase individual firearms freedoms allowing Missourians to better protect themselves.

Governor Nixon is an avowed liberal-progressive which may cause people to ask why has he waited a month to veto gun rights legislation. It is not that simple.

Nixon who is term limited hopes that the democratic candidate for governor Chris Koster wins in November. Koster who is a former Republican and switched parties to run for Attorney General in 2007/2008, previously had an A rating with the NRA. It is thought by some that he wants to maintain it and run as a "conservative" pro-gun democrat.

A veto override fight over gun rights between the Republican General Assembly and Governor Jay Nixon will occur in the middle of September just before the November general election. The coming fight could potentially harm Mr. Koster’s brand or at the very least force him to pick a side in the debate. Speaker of the House Todd Richardson has publicly stated that he thinks the General Assembly will override Nixon's veto.

Sen. Munzlinger’s bill was delivered to Gov. Nixon’s desk May 25th. According to the Missouri Constitution Nixon had 45 days to act. If he did not sign it or veto it within the allotted time, the bill would have become law.

Missourians deserve to have their gun rights increased with Senate Bill 656 but will not if Governor Nixon's veto is sustained. In vetoing gun rights legislation Nixon has made innocent, law-abiding citizens less safe. Self-defense is a natural right ensconced in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It is not negotiable.

Please take five minutes and call or e-mail Governor Nixon to let him know how you feel about firearms freedoms and SB656.

Governor Jay Nixon:
(573) 751-3222