Missouri Alliance for Freedom Issues Statement on Defeat of SJR39


Missouri Alliance for Freedom Issues Statement on Defeat of SJR39

Missouri Alliance for Freedom

Jefferson City, MO – Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom today issued a statement thanking Representatives Paul Curtman and Elijah Haahr for working to advance Sen. Bob Onder’s religious liberty amendment (SJR39). All three men have been diligent in their efforts on behalf of religious freedom. SJR39 was voted do not pass in the House Committee on Emerging Issues today in a tie 6-6 vote.

“We recognize that this is an emotionally charged and personal issue for members of the Legislature, but they have a responsibility to rise above the rhetoric. It is unfortunate that republican Representatives who typically campaign as conservatives refused to govern that way in today’s House Emerging Issues Committee. Their votes to defeat religious liberty in spite of its overwhelming support by Missourians are a slap in the face to Missouri voters. Hopefully voters will remember” said Ryan Johnson, president of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom.

SJR39’s failure in committee lies squarely on the shoulders of republican Representatives Anne Zerr of St. Charles (candidate for State Senate in SD23), Caleb Rowden of Columbia (candidate for State Senate in SD19), and Jim Hansen of Frankford who represents Legislative District 40 in north east Missouri.

“This is the opening salvo in a long war. We are not finished. While today’s results are not optimal we are not going anywhere. Religious freedom is not negotiable. It is an integral part of the Constitution of the United States and we are not about to start picking and choosing which freedoms will be tolerated according to the false doctrine of political correctness. Religious people’s first freedoms deserve to be defended and we will continue working toward that end.”

Missouri Alliance for Freedom is an action oriented conservative policy advocacy and legislative accountability group. MAF works primarily with the Missouri General Assembly and conservative grassroots. Its mission is advocacy and accountability. Its focus is limited government and individual liberty.